MSR Connect® Advanced Real Time 3D Interface Software

نرم افزار MSR Connect

MSR Connect

This new ultra user-friendly software, is without question the most advanced monitoring software available in the marketplace today. Operating with accelerated high speed data acquisition and processing rates, combined with fast precision analytics, this allows for improved dynamic decision making capabilities. Being web based the software is accessible
on cell phones, tablets and computers whilst working onsite or in the office. Designed with the purpose of improving overall safety and productivity management within your environment.


  • High speed data viewing
  • Reduced WiFi bandwidth requirements
  • Enhanced viewing capabilities
  • View multiple radar data on a 360° 3D scene
  • View trend plots from multiple radars simultaneously
  • Ease of using longer bigger datasets faster
  • Individual customisation
  • Multiple languages
  • User created dashboards


• Upload and view of multiple user DTM’s
• Auto adjust of DTM’s based on time scale
• Notifications and Alarming at your fingertips
• User region creation and display of data of the selected
user region(s)