Network-level Technical Capabilities

Services and Technical Capabilities of the company

The company offers broad range of services, in project or network-scales, by utilizing destructive and non-destructive pavement evaluation state-of-the-art facilities. Some of such services include pavement rehabilitation designs, determination of the causes of pavement failure, calculating performance indices, evaluating the current state of pavement and last but not least, implementation of pavement management system.

Network-level Technical Capabilities

A network-level study includes data collection and its analysis over an extensive series of roads such as a province road network, highway road network or airfields of one or several airports. The main technical services of the company in a network-level include:

  • Preparation of road inventory
  • Evaluation of road structural and performance characteristics
  • Determination of road network maintenance strategy (preventative, rehabilitation and reconstruction)
  • Road sectioning based on their structural and performance characteristics
  • Documentation of pavement quality assessment
  • Determining the required funds for improving road network condition based on pavement quality assessment
  • Offering the best maintenance option for each final road section considering the available funds

Project-level Technical Capabilities

At this level, the structural condition of pavement is evaluated using FWD. As a result, the overlay thickness for bearing the traffic loads is calculated for the pavement lifetime. Following the sectioning of pavement, in order to design a pavement rehabilitation plan, the ultimate recommendation for each section is made according to the structural condition of pavement, its roughness, surface distresses and also destructive tests results.

The project-level technical capabilities of the company are:

network-scales Determination of pavement condition assessment according to ASTM D-6433 standard (road pavement) and ASTM D-5340 (airport pavement) using MicroPAVER   using both visual and mechanized methods (laser crack measurement system).
network-scales CBR estimation of unbound layers using dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP)
Subgrade and granular layers quality control using LWD device to determine the subgrade resilient modulus (used in AASHTO pavement design) and subgrade implementation (compaction & stabilization).
Evaluation of IRI and RN indexes in order to measure the pavement roughness along the left and right wheel paths and also testing the newly constructed or overlaid pavements.
Safety index determination using RSP to measure geometric parameters of road such as slope, cross slope, radius of curvature and super elevation in horizontal curves.
Evaluation of the surface friction British pendulum tester according to ASTM-E303 standards.
  • Determination of Mean Texture Depth (MTD)
  • Technical capabilities in airfield pavement including:
    • Pavement rehabilitation design
  • Determination of ACN /PCN
  • Determination of Boeing Bump Index (BBI) of airfield runway pavement
  • Determination of PrI index in runway pavement smoothness
  • Determination of load transfer efficiency of rigid pavement joints
  • Technical abilities in geophysical surveys including: Geo electrical method, Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR)and seismic refraction method in order to pavement thickness measurements, surface, base and sub-base road course assessment, detection of cavities, voids and delamination, locating cracks, detection of wet area, airport runway condition assessment

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