Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP)

Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP)

Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP) Cost saving benefits TSP 303 – the world’s most successful seismic prediction system – comprises the wealth of more than 20 years of experience in Tunnel Seismic Prediction. Specially designed for underground construction, TSP 303’s outstanding advantages help you stay ahead of your project objectives.

Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP)

Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP)

The TSP 303 method

TSP 303 evaluates seismic echo signals reflected from changes in the elastic rock characteristics associated with discontinuities in the rock mass.

The TSP 303 characteristics

TSP 303 offers to all conventional tunnelling and Gripper & Shield TBM heading advanced geological prediction with an investigation range up to 200 m from face to meet your daily operational needs:

Detection of hazardous fault zones & cavities

Exploration of water bearing formations

Discovery of changes in rock mechanical properties

No face access required

Dependent on rock characteristics, TSP 303 delivers convincing performance values:

Spatial resolution 1 – 5 m

Positional accuracy 1 – 5 % of target distance

Measurement time <1.5 h

Indication of Results <3 h on-site