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VIST Group

About VIST Group

VIST Group is an international company in the field of development and implementation of information technologies for the mining industry and metallurgy. For ore than 30 years VIST Group is a leader in automation of large mining companies in Russia and the CIS. The company also successfully cooperates with mining companies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The divisions, branches and partners of this company are located in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Morocco, Peru and other regions of the world with developed mining industry. In total, this company has implemented more than 70 projects around the world among the leading mining companies.

VIST Group

Digital technologies in mining Productivity

From mine to mill digitallisation and predictive analytics• High precision drill navigation and operator assistance
• Autonomous drilling
• Mobile application for blast engineer
• Optimization and automatic dispatching
• Real time and historical KPIs
• Autonomous haulage
• Quality management using high precision navigation for excavation
• Loading assistance for operator
• Teleoperation/remote control
• Mobile application for mine engineer
• In-pit blending
• Stockpile management

• Environment, health and safety management system – VG Safety
• Collision avoidance
• Fatigue monitoring systems
Slope Stability monitoring radars

VIST Group

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