board of directors

Ali Reza Ebrahimi
chairman of the board

Ali Abdolrazzagh nejhad

Navid Amini
Technical Manager


Geophysics &Mining Enginner

Azadeh naderi nejhad
Senior Geophysics

Introduction of GeoRAYAN

GeoRAYAN is an active company that was established in 2006 with the aim of providing services in the field of earth sciences, Mining Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, Particularly Geophysics, in order to explore hydrocarbon resources, mines and carrying out geophysical and geotechnical researches. This company is the result of consultation of a group of professors, alumni, students and professionals in earth science and cooperation with reputable foreign companies.

The main activity of the company is to provide specialized solutions including equipment and consultancy in the field of geology ,geophysics, exploration of oil and gas reserves and also mines.

According to the reliance of geophysical science on accurate measurements, the company ‘s  equipment department has represented to-date geophysical and geotechnical equipment to the Iranian market, taking advantages of field experts and with the support of experienced commercial team.

  • Choosing the best manufacturers from around the world
  • Taking advice to clients to select the best type of equipment
  • Ten-year warranty of equipment
  • Training and permanent support


Now, the company is able to provide the following equipment:

  • Slope Stability radar (Distributor of REUTECH mining)
  • Mining Fleet Management system (Dispatching)
  • Drilling equipment 
  • Seismic equipment for oil & mine
  • Magnetometer
  • Gravity meter
  • Electromagnetic surveys equipment
  • Interpretation software for geophysical data
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • TSP303(3D Tunnel Seismic Prediction)

The company with having remarkable record in the field of processing and interpretation of seismic data, exploration plans, monitoring of mines and geophysical engineering services has always tried to represent innovative solutions in this field and to fill the existing gaps.


Fields of activity:

  • Exploration seismology
  • Oil &gas tanks studies
  • Geo electrical studies
  • Gravimetric studies
  • Geomagnetic studies
  • Electromagnetic studies
  • Micro seismic and blast monitoring
  • Monitoring of mines
  • Remote monitoring of structural movements and deformations
  • Tunnel seismic prediction
  • GPR studies
  • Educational courses