GeoRayan is An active company, established in 2006 with the aim of providing services and innovative solutions including equipment and consultancy in the field of Tunnel Engineering.

The company offers broad range of services for Tunnel Engineering:

Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP)

Probe Drilling 

grouting (Pre Grouting & Post Grouting)

Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP)

The knowing of geological profile ahead of tunnel face is significant to minimize the risk in tunnel excavation work and cost control in preventative measure. Tunnel Seismic Prediction (TSP) is a geophysical technique based on the principle of seismic reflection. The TSP method allows detecting rock mass changes exploding their intimate link to seismic wave velocities. this method had been introducesd by Amberg Technologies.

GeoRayan has completed many projects requiring TSP method. 


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Probe Drilling and Grouting

For underground construction projects where ground water ingress must be controlled, continuous probe drilling ahead of the face is required. Probe drilling is kind of method for knowing of geological profile ahead of tunnel. also Measurement of water inflow in probe drill holes is a gridline for grouting.

GeoRayan is a pioneer company which introduce this method for clients in Iran and now we provide drilling services to a variety of clients.

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