GeoRayan is An active company, established in 2006 with the aim of providing services and innovative solutions including equipment and consultancy in the field of Mining Engineer.

The company offers broad range of services for Mining:

Slope stability mining radars

Slope stability mining radar in mine slope stability monitoring at open cast mines. It is development on the radar technology, is now being widely used in several countries to provide real time monitoring and advance warning signals before any slope or dump failure in open cast mines.

GeoRAYAN is a distributor of REUTECH Mining in Iran. Reutech Mining is a passionate company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative technologies for the management of safety within the mining industry.

we are a pioneer company for mining monitoring in Iran.

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Drilling services:

We have some of the best plant and equipment available to bellow services:

  • Dewatering solution
  • Open Pit Slope Depressurization using Horizontal Drains
  • Logging of core drilling
  • provide Drilling Equipment

A horizontal drain is a hole that is usually drilled just above horizontal to the required depth, then a slotted pipe is installed to allow water to enter the pipe and flow to the outlet at the batter face. The main reason to install drains is to relieve hydrostatic pressure which can cause major landslips and rockfalls.

Mining Exploration

  • Design exploration plan for different deposits, such as gold, copper, iron, Barite, Chromite
  • Geophysical exploration of copper and basic metals sulfide deposits 
  • Geophysical exploration of iron,chromium and manganese with
  • Geological studies 

Mine Fleet Management System

The DISPATCH fleet management system for open pit mines allows your mine to maximize production and efficiency while increasing safety and control. VIST Group is an international company in the field of development and implementation of information technologies for the mining industry and metallurgy.

Georayan is a partner of this company in Iran.